WooCommerce QuickBooks Integration

ClickCartel offer a unique service of installing and setting up of the MyWorks plugin to automatically sync 2-ways between Woocommerce and Quickbooks Online. We offer an on-location service where we work on-site to fully integrate your Woocommerce online shop with your Quickbooks accounting software, to save you hours of time a week.

What is MyWorks

Automatic Realtime Sync

When an order is placed in WooCommerce, the customer, order and payment will sync immediately into QuickBooks! Same with product and inventory sync!

2-way Inventory Sync

Keep your inventory in both platforms completely in sync as we sync stock levels both directions between WooCommerce and QuickBooks – or just one direction…it’s up to you!

Flexible Syncing & Mapping

Completely control the way your data syncs to your preferences – with easy and flexible customer/product mapping and settings that allow you to control exactly what data syncs, and how it syncs.

Manually Push & Pull Data

You may also manually push & pull data between systems, so if you need to push old orders to QuickBooks, or pull new inventory levels or products into WooCommerce – we have you covered!

MyWorks Quick Explanation

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